November 6, 2012


Fuse Live: Ne-Yo

Regardless of your political affiliations, today is going to be a noisy, noisy day, as the cacophonous din of 1,000 pundits, a million Facebook posts and a billion tweets overwhelm your cerebral cortex and make you want to hide in a corner, play mellifluous music and fast forward life to tomorrow.

We got you.

Perhaps you saw R&B superstar Ne-Yo take over Fuse's studio yesterday—we have the pics to prove it—but if you missed it, or just want to re-live it, we've got an encore of the full concert until it goes away Tuesday, Nov. 6, at midnight/11C.

Opening with "Lazy Love" from his latest album R.E.D., the singer combined slow jams like "Unconditional" with dance floor-ready anthems like Calvin Harris' "Let's Go," positioning our studio somewhere between the bedroom and the club. The intimate audience was far removed from the thousands of people that Ne-Yo normally entertains on tour each night, allowing fans to get within a few feet of the singer (and one fan much closer).