November 8, 2012


Does Your Friend Hate Nickleback? Prank. Them. Now.

Do you have a friend that hates Nickelback? Of course you do. Or, more accurately, do you have a friend that thinks they hate Nickelback? Well, we have the prank for you. 

As you (and your friend) may recall, way back in 2005 Chad Kroeger and Co. had a big hit with "Photograph." Let us jog your memory with a sample lyric: "Look at this photograph / Everytime I do it makes me laugh / How did our eyes get so red / And what the hell is on Joey's head." Genius. Maybe you also remember the song's video, which, in its literal interpretation of the song, features a memorable scene of Kroeger holding up a framed photograph.

Thanks to the power of the internet, you can now insert a photo of your Nickleback-hating (or -loving!) friend into that picture frame!

As Buzzfeed points out, the prank is super easy to pull off:

Step 1: Find a picture of your friend (or whatever else you want to see in Kroeger's picture frame).

Step 2: Copy the photo's URL by right clicking on it and selecting "Copy Image URL."

Step 3: Paste that URL in the open space at Look At This Photograph.

Step 4: Email/Tweet out the finished product to your victim/(former) friend/the general public, and then laugh.

And if you're looking for additional reasons to love/hate Kroeger, look no further: Did you know that he referred to himself as a "walking penis" in a 2008 interview with Playboy? It's true. He recently revisited the self-given title during a chat with Men's Health, in which he also discussed his womanizing tendencies and his recent engagement to Avril Lavigne. "I don't think my libido has changed," he said. "I just think that my Rolodex has been confiscated. And I'm OK with that."

Suuure you are, Chad. 

The Men's Health interview has also revealed a handful of other Kroeger revelations, including...

1) That Chad once convinced a crew member to stick his penis in a fan.
2) That Chad thinks Nickelback haters are closeted Nickelback lovers.
3) That Chad believes he's no longer an insatiable womanizer.

What do we learn here? This guy needs to give more interviews.