November 14, 2012


Rihanna Tells 'Ellen' Her Vagina "Is Having a Little More Fun Now"

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

On the eve of her logistically-impressive 777 Tour, Rihanna stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show to talk about, among other things, her sex life. The interview began with Ellen playing a clip from Rih's last visit to the show, during which the pop star admitted her busy schedule was bad for "her" while pointing to her, um, crotch region. Naturally, Ellen had a follow-up question for today's interview: "How is 'she' doing now?" 

"'She' is having a little more fun now," Rihanna replied, laughing. "Hurray for her!"

In addition to her love life, Ellen asked about RiRi's desire to have children ("Yes, absolutely") and her role model as a kid. "Mariah Carey," Rihanna answered. "I remember looking up to her because I identified with her in so many ways. She was biracial and young, and I remember connecting to her story."

The two also played a game of Who Would You Rather (for the record, Rih prefers Brad Pitt over George Clooney, because "you look at Brad Pitt and you're like, 'Damn!'") and discussed the Barbados-born star's recent nude GQ cover. "No one is ever completely naked in front of strangers and photographers," she said. "But it's a character you get into. You get into a place where you zone everything out."

Be sure to check back for more Rihanna coverage. We have a crew embedded on the 777 Tour and we'll be updating with stories and video throughout the week.