November 13, 2012


Solar Eclipse Playlist: Bonnie Tyler, Iron Maiden, Robyn & More

Suzie Gibbons
Suzie Gibbons

With a solar eclipse visible from the coast of Australia today—which you can enjoy thanks to this convenient live stream—there is one song that will dominate your brain waves today. Yep, we're talking Bonnie Tyler's immortal 1982 power ballad "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

But that track is a gimme—everyone and their mom listens to Bonnie Tyler during an eclipse! So to mix things up, we created this one-hour playlist with songs from Daft Punk, Robyn, Sammy Hagar and the Flaming Lips' cover of "Eclipse" by Pink Floyd

And yes, we did include two versions of "Total Eclipse of the Heart." Because even if it's obvious, that doesn't mean we're too good to give it another spin. Or five.