November 2, 2012


Steven Tyler Drops F-Bomb on 'Today Show,' Doesn't Know What Show He's On

To put it simply, this week, by all accounts, sucked for many, many people. So thank Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, rock's unintentional clown prince, for 45 seconds of levity when he appeared on the Today Show this morning.

When it comes to daytime television, there's really only two rules a guest should ostensibly adhere to: Get the name of the show you're on right and don't drop the f-bomb. You see where this is going.

With all the grace and dignity a 64-year-old man who still wears bandanas and flowing gypsy costumes can muster, Tyler appeared with Aerosmith on Today Show, looked confidently into the camera and proclaimed, "Good Morning America." Perhaps it was just coincidence that he named the Today Show's fiercest competitor, but as a counterargument, yeah, it wasn't.

Not to be content with merely not knowing where he was, Tyler could be heard yelling, "Thanks for coming out, you crazy f-cks!" while poor Al Roker just wanted to show suns wearing sunglasses and talk about the hurricane.

Don't ever change.