November 9, 2012


The Day John Met Yoko: A Husband-and-Wife Playlist

Tom Hanley
Tom Hanley

On this day in 1966, John Lennon walked into the Indica gallery in London to see an exhibit by a young artist named Yoko Ono. Two and a half years, the two would marry. Ono would go on to appear on several of John Lennon's most important solo albums, including 1980's Double Fantasy. (And no, she did not break up the Beatles, at least not according to Paul McCartney). In honor of their anniversary, we've compiled a playlist of other notable husband-wife collaborations, including June Carter and Johnny Cash, Jay-Z and Beyonce, and Ike and Tina Turner. And while some on the list may not have spent the rest of their lives in happily wedded bliss, all made great music together.