November 18, 2012


The IM Showdown: Two Fuse Staffers Crack in Slow Motion

Weeks ago, Fuse picked the top 40 music videos of 2012 and created a head-to-head battle that asked fans to vote for the best. With each passing round, as artists fell by the wayside, fans became more passionate, more driven, more determined to see their favorite artist emerge victorious. Standing alone with the Top 40 crown.

Officially, the staff at Fuse can't take sides. We're not manipulating the vote. The contest isn't rigged. We ask that fans please calm down.

But we understand. We're fans too. Some of us are Katy fans and others are die-hard Xtina loyalists. With these two artists in the final two, tempers flared and angry words are being exchanged. For two staffers, it became the ultimate IM showdown.

In one corner we have Aubree Lennon, our Photo Editor and a chapstick-wielding Katy Perry fan. She's in pale green. In the other corner, typing furiously, is Mark Sunderstrom. He's a Web Content Manager and is writing in blue. 

To read the IM conversation, go to "view" in your browser and keep zooming in.

Please note that these are personal opinions, expressed humorously in the heat of the moment, and in no way represent Fuse. All comments about the artists, eating disorders, rumors, former lovers, etc. are strictly as fans.