November 13, 2012


Top 40 Video Battle: Can Katy Perry Maintain Her Narrow Lead Over Linkin Park?

Getty Images, 2
Getty Images, 2

As of this morning, Katy Perry's military-themed "Part of Me" video has a very small lead over Linkin Park's sci-fi-ish "Burn It Down" clip in Fuse's Top 40 of 2012 poll. But with Linkin Park's rabid fanbase, can the lead hold?

Considering the competition's previous upsets – Karmin over Nicki Minaj in Round 1, comes to mind – anything is possible. But, come on, have you seen Marine Katy Perry in "Part of Me"? She turned heartbreak into a calling, and a kick ass one at that. Would you bet against Perry after watching her bust her tail in basic training?

Then again, Linkin Park are nothing if not resilient. In fact, that's what "Burn It Down" is about. In an interview with KROQ, frontman Mike Shinoda said the song is about "what we do in pop culture, where we build somebody up to be the next great thing and then we just like to destroy them at the end of the day, and we've lived through that, so I think there's a lot of personal energy that went into the connection of that story."

So, which musical act's message of perseverance will prevail? Can Linkin Park catch Katy Perry, or has all that military training made her too fast? Let us know in the comments!

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