November 15, 2012


Don't Wipe Out Like This Guy

Off Beat host, Mike E. Winfield, gives you his weekly video dissection.

You clearly cannot do everything that you see on television and that's why there's always a warning placed on the screen -- "Don't try this at home." I believe that this Bro was watching the Olymics when he thought, "Well I have rope and a stick, and I know where a tree is..."

One very important aspect when you're swinging from a tree is YOU CAN'T LET GO! I've never swung from a tree... Wait, neither has he. He practically just jumped on his back and knocked the air out of himself. I like how he asks, "did you get that on video." I mean if you're gonna perform some life threatening tree vault, you at least want there to be some footage.

The lesson here is very clear. Always allow your friends to go first, just so you can make sure that everything works properly.

Did Mike E. nail it? What's your take on the video? Hit us up in the comments.