November 13, 2012


Trent Reznor Helping Queens of the Stone Age on New Album

Getty Images, 2
Getty Images, 2

First Dave Grohl. Now Trent Reznor. Will Josh Homme recruit more beefy black-t-shirt-clad alt-rock bros for his new Queens of the Stone Age album? Hopefully. It'd sure be nice to see Mark Lanegan return to the ranks, anyway. And what about Henry Rollins or Metallica's James Hetfield? Okay, okay, we're getting carried away.

But seriously: In a Reddit post Tuesday Reznor just confirmed that, yes, he's "helping Josh out on a new QOTSA track." This is most excellent news. And considering his work with Nine Inch Nails, How to Destroy Angels and film soundtracks (Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Social Network), the resulting track is sure to bring an eerie, digi-industrial chill to QOTSA's "stoner rock" assault.

Reznor also wrote that he's "starting rehearsals for two bands," (both NIN and How to Destroy Angels), and kinda-sorta hinted that NIN would be touring next year. "Cryptic additional comment: 2013," he wrote. 

Hey, guys, just a thought: Can NIN and QOTSA hit the road... together? That would be mind-blowing. Let's call the tour: Dudes in Black T-Shirts.