November 20, 2012


Police Confirm Wayne Coyne Shut Down OKC Airport With Grenade

Only in the wild, weird world of Wayne Coyne: Last week the screwball Flaming Lips frontman incited a scare at the Oklahoma City Airport, which TSA agents shut down when they discovered an inactive grenade in Coyne's luggage. 

The news was first reported on Oklahoma City blog the Lost Ogle, but Fuse has confirmed the incident with the local police precinct, which sent us the official police report. See it above.

Here's what happened: Coyne and his wife headed to Will Rogers Airport for a flight to Los Angeles to see previews of the Lips' new musical Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. When going through security, TSA agents discovered a grenade, forcing the closure of the airport and many travelers to miss their flights.

The police report says Coyne's luggage triggered an alarm at 12:52 PM November 10. The reporting officer spoke with Coyne, who said the grenade "was given to him at a party in Arkansas on November 4, 2012. He advised it was a grenade but said it was dead and was painted."

The airport was shut down and a TSA bomb specialist called, who "came in and cleared the grenade. It was not live and had a [sic] whole in the bottom. The grenade was painted gold" and a TSA agent then "took control of it."

After the incident Coyne tweeted, "Sorry Sorry Sorry!! Everyone that was inconvenienced because of my grenade at OKC airport!!" 

The Lost Ogle also has an interview with a scorned traveler, who snapped pics of a shoeless Coyne and his wife with TSA officers. The traveler was forced to spend $1,000 on new plane tickets and said, "they quarantined the entire airport."

"All we could see was Wayne standing by the security checkpoint with a bunch of agents around his bag," he added.

Fuse reached out to Coyne's spokesperson, who was unavailable for comment at press time.