December 28, 2012


2012: The Year K-Pop Crossed Over


UPDATE » 15 Moments That Made K-Pop Ever Hotter in 2013

It's safe to say that the latter half of 2012 was dominated by a certain "horse dance." Psy galloped his way into our playlists (and hearts), and K-pop fans around the world rejoiced as the "Korean Wave" finally hit mainstream America.

But while "Gangnam Style" and its explosive popularity introduced many of us to South Korea's beats, the intricate world of K-pop remains largely unfamiliar territory. The industry's recent spotlight on Psy merely scratches the surface of a bigger music phenomenon, the history of which Fuse somehow condensed into a-minute-and-a-half back in March. While it's certainly true that Psy helped propel K-pop onto our radar, the rapper is by no means the industry's sole representative.

When it comes to crossing over into mainstream US media and bridging the gap between Korean and American entertainment, 2012 marked a year of noteworthy accomplishments made by a handful of other K-pop artists. We've compiled a list of this year's most significant crossover moments -- and trust us, after the big steps these artists have already taken, you won't want to sleep on K-pop in 2013. 

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