December 18, 2012


Yes, Adele Took More Than 10 Minutes to Record "Skyfall"

Eamonn McCormack
Eamonn McCormack

Looks like Adele takes a little more time to record tracks than previously reported. 

"Skyfall" producer Paul Epworth took to Twitter this morning to clear up recent reports that Adele recorded the James Bond theme in ten minutes.

Ok ok.. Can I clarify this.. Adele didn't record her final skyfall vocal in 10 minutes.. We cut the first draft of the verse and chorus..
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...It took us a while to hone the track into the end result. Don't you just love it when things are taken out of context..
Dec 18 via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply quoted Epworth as saying that the singer immediately loved the track and "had the lyrics ready in her head when she drove over [to the studio]. Within 10 minutes, she put down most of the vocals. It was the most absurd thing. She's fast, but it was really quite phenomenal."

No word from the singer herself,who is presumably still relishing in the recent accolades '21' has amassed, including sales of more than 10 million albums and a second-straight year of topping iTunes' bestsellers list.