December 6, 2012


Exclusive Premiere: Ballyhoo!'s "Walk Away" Video

Sometimes two people just aren't meant to get married. Instead of going through with the nuptials anyway, though, Baltimore-based Ballyhoo! imagine the alternative in their new video, "Walk Away." And there's good news: It turns out you can have a good time at a wedding when the bride and groom ditch each other at the altar.

The punk rock/reggae foursome step in as wedding band in "Walk Away" as the ill-fated bride and groom call the whole thing off. But instead of cleaning up Kleenex, everyone in this wedding party is throwing back shots and practicing their keg stands. "Girl we just can't take much more/You know we make each other miserable/Let's just call it what it is/Letting go/Of all of this." It's pretty simple when you put it that way.

"We had a lot of fun on the set," lead singer Howi Spangler said about the video. "We filmed it in South Florida where we have a bunch of friends, so we asked them to be in it. Ended up getting a keg and some whiskey to really sell it. We were all pretty lit by the end of the day. We wanted to show two people about to get married but realizing it's not what they really want. Being a mutual feeling, they still have the reception and everyone still has a good time."

Check out Ballyhoo!'s "Walk Away" video above. Their latest album, Daydreams, is out now on Law Records. And if you have a question for Ballyhoo!, leave it in the comments. The band will pick their favorites and answer them in an upcoming video. Subscribe to the Fuse YouTube channel!