December 6, 2012


Barbra Streisand Casting Lady Gaga in 'Gypsy' Remake?

Simon James
Simon James

Well, this is interesting, promising and confusing. In a lengthy profile on Broadway/movie/music legend Barbra Streisand, Time magazine revealed Babs is thinking about casting Lady Gaga in an upcoming remake of Gypsy, the classic Broadway musical about a stripper and her show business mother (the role Streisand is set to play).

Unfortunately, the piece doesn't delve into any more details, like which character Gaga might play in the third movie adaptation of this stage musical. Will she play the lead or just a supporting role? It's easy enough to picture Gaga nailing the main character (a psychologically complex stripper), and Streisand as Gaga's show business mother totally makes sense, even if Babs will be playing a character several decades her junior.

This revelation from Time also makes me wonder: If Streisand is casting Gypsy, does that mean she's also directing? Or does she simply wield ultimate power over any project she's involved in because she's BARBRA?

But most importantly, can Lea Michele ever forgive her idol for thinking of Gaga in Gypsy before her? After all, Michele's role on Glee has been an ongoing audition for Streisand's attention. So for God's sake, Barbra, throw her a bone already!