December 20, 2012


Blake Shelton to Kelly Clarkson's Now-Fiance: "Get Your Head Out of Your Ass"

Todd Williamson
Todd Williamson

If you couldn't tell from Blake Shelton's track record on The Voice—he's coached the show's winner for two years in a row— this country crooner is the type of guy who gets things done.

Case in point: Kelly Clarkson can thank him for her upcoming nuptials. No, seriously. Shelton said he was the one who gave her boyfriend (the son of Clarkson's manager) the push he needed to pop the question. And in his inimitable fashion, Shelton didn't mince words: "I told [him]… 'You need to get your head out of your ass and ask that girl to marry you.'" Romance!

So there you have it. When Clarkson is walking down the aisle, she can fondly recall that Blake Shelton was the sage man who forcibly extracted her man's head out of his own ass.