December 4, 2012


Celebrate 'Warped Roadies' Premiere With our Ultimate Punk-Pop Playlist

Jamie McCarthy
Jamie McCarthy

In case you missed our announcement, Fuse is premiering Warped Roadies this Friday, December 7 at 11/10c. The show follows a group of hard-working, hard-partying roadies as they trek across America setting up (and then taking down) the Warped Tour's sets in each city. Needless to say, the job looks both incredibly tough and incredibly fun (even if you're stuck with the dreaded top bunk). Curious to know more? You can watch the premiere episode right now exclusively on

In the meantime, prepare for the show by listening to our exhaustive Spotify playlist. If you're not ready for some moshing after these 138 songs, then you'll never be.

"Warped Roadies" - Episode 1