December 2, 2012


Chris Brown Returns to Twitter, Posts Sexy Rihanna Pic

Photo Credit: F-ckyopictures/Instagram
Photo Credit: F-ckyopictures/Instagram

Almost a week after Chris Brown went off on comedy writer Jenny Johnson via Twitter, resulting in Breezy deactivating his account, the singer is back on the social network site... sort of.

His Twitter account is back in business though he has yet to tweet anything. What he did post on his Instagram account is a picture of himself smoking and Rihanna lounging wearing a tube top cloaked in a camouflage snuggie (or something like it).

So whether they’re back together (or not), this couple (or not) sure can’t get enough of posting images of themselves shirtless in a bed, on a jet, cuddling, sporting a diamond ring, etc. etc. Oy vey.