December 5, 2012


A Very Etsy Christmas: The Best (and Not So Best) Handmade Gifts for Music Fans

#1We're Dreaming of an Etsy Christmas!

Just in case you haven't noticed, pop music fans are a zealous bunch. They cover themselves in face paint for concerts, throw their bras on stage and some even go as far as tattooing their favorite artist's name on their bodies. So when you're buying the pop music fan in your life a Christmas present, a measly Justin Bieber calendar isn't going to cut it—try a Justin Bieber wall decal. Instant favorite relative status.

We scoured the database at online craft marketplace Etsy for some serious NEXT LEVEL fan gifts, and we found things we would never have predicted even existed. For example, a Katy Perry toilet seat. True story!

Take a look at our favorite fan holiday gifts we found on Etsy—we use the word "favorite" loosely—and get to ordering, y'all. Twenty days and counting until the big day...

Justin Bieber wall art decal, $25.99

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