December 11, 2012


Watch Frank Ocean Cover Radiohead

Add Radiohead to the list of unimpeachable artists that Frank Ocean has been bold enough--and incredible enough, Frank Ocean enough--to cover onstage. (Current legends in Ocean's catalogue: Sade, Prince and Beyoncé—sort of; Frank did write Bey's "I Miss You" in the first place.) Although these covers have a tendency to be one-tenth as long as we'd like, this specific take on "Fake Plastic Trees," from a Spotify event in New York last week, has the bonus niceness of segueing smoothly into channel ORANGE's "End." (Less smooth: That cameraperson. Why didn't you keep rolling, bro?! And why'd you film vertically?! But thanks for recording this all the same.)

Anyway. Can someone text Thom Yorke for us real quick and make sure he's seen this, then ask what he thinks?