December 21, 2012


3 Things Rapper Game Is Doing Today After the World Didn't End

This video is either an excellently executed joke or Game seriously thought the world was going to end today (or sometime this year—there's still a few days left). Speaking to last year, the rapper revealed, very confidently, that "we're all going to die" in 2012. We didn't take him for a conspiracy theorist, but weirder things have happened.

Since the earth is still spinning, we're wondering what Game's doing today after he woke up and realized it's not actually Doomsday. In the video, he said that he'd take all of 2012 to stay at home, spend time with his kids and "sit Indian-style and pray"... but that's totally not true because he went to the mall yesterday.

Here are three things Game is probably doing today after realizing December 21 is not the apocalypse:

Not playing Scrabble Psssh. Now that the world's still in tact, no need to spend that quality time with his kids anymore. Party time!

Not using hair relaxer The "scariest truth Game has ever seen" is the fact that women's hair relaxer can "burn your skin off." Not wars or genocide or that John Travolta Christmas album, but hair relaxer. He won't go near it.

NOT talking about the Illuminati End of the world or not, Game does not fux with the Illuminati. "I heard they swing from trees like black ninjas... They'll come and sweep you away, your whole life, and nobody will ever know you existed." NOBODY WILL EVER KNOW YOU EXISTED.

Merry Apocalypse, Game! But, seriously, what are we gonna do about those aliens?