December 17, 2012


My Worst Xmas Gift Ever: Gary Clark Jr.

Jeff Kravitz
Jeff Kravitz

We'd love to think that every gift we give for the holidays is a sweet, thoughtful gesture that the recipient will cherish forever. This is usually crap. Sometimes, your gift sucks and our favorite musicians are not immune to crappy presents. After Andrew W.K.'s fruit basket fiasco, Wiz Khalifa's hood-less sweatsuit and Billy Corgan's troll trouble, Gary Clark Jr. tells us about "My Worst Christmas Gift Ever."

The worst Christmas present I ever received would have to be when, as a grown man, I was randomly given a teddy bear. Like a little, stuffed thing when I was 23 years old. [It was given to me by] a sweet, sweet person. It’s not a bad present. But it’s one of those things where you open it up and you’re like, "Um, maybe this isn’t for me?"

As of today, the teddy bear’s whereabouts remain unknown.