December 11, 2012


My Chemical Romance Frontman Gerard Way Launches Solo Song

Christopher Polk
Christopher Polk

My Chemical Romance bandleader Gerard Way has a passion project in the forge. Going by a name inspired by DC Universe character Danny the Street, Way just dropped a feisty and raw punk tune "Zero Zero," which sounds like some pre-MCR demo (in an awesome way). The songwriting is strong and assured, and Way yelps for his life before throwing My Chem fans a bone with the pseudo-anthemic "oh-whoa-oh"-ing at the finish. Check it out.

The comic book love is no lark for Way; he's been writing 'em since his teens. My Chemical Romance hasn't put out a record since 2010, and we know Way's been working with Deadmau5—but can we expect a Danny the Street full-length in 2013?