December 4, 2012


Hear Green Day's '¡Tré!' a Week Before Release

Gregg DeGuire
Gregg DeGuire

¡Tré!, the eleventh studio album from the fine gentlemen in Green Day, completes the band's triple-album cycle when it drops on December 11. Until then, the trio are streaming all twelve songs over at iHeartRadio (yes, the same iHeartRadio that hosted the festival where Billie Joe Armstrong had his onstage meltdown).

Differentiating the three records to Rolling Stone in July, Armstrong said: "The first one is power pop. The second is more garage-y, Nuggets-type rock. And the third is supposed to be epic. With the first album you're getting in the mood to party. On the second one, you're at the party. And the third album you're cleaning up the mess."

After a first spin, we can confirm this one's another fun 46 minutes, devoid of any of the groaning lameness of post-party cleanup. There's plenty of vintage-sounding Green Day, including a nice acoustic number in "Drama Queen," the anthem-sized singalong "X-Kid," some barn-burning punk in "Missing You," and a crescendoing balladic opener dubbed "Brutal Love." While Armstrong may have hit rock bottom earlier this year, there's no sound of fatigue on ¡Tré!. Go check it out.