December 13, 2012


Happy 23rd Birthday, Taylor Swift!

D Dipasupil
D Dipasupil

While you were busy signing up for your third year as a senior in college, Taylor Swift turned 23 like a bawss. She's currently got the No. 1 album in the country, Red, she's dating the hottest dude in One Direction, Harry Styles, and she's still young enough to wear red hot pants. She's winning on all levels right now.

Besides releasing her 23rd music video later today ("I Knew You Were Trouble -- watch a trailer here), here are a few other ways Swifty can celebrate. Happy birthday, Taylor!

Get drunk If Taylor Swift is a partier, she sure keeps it to herself. We've never seen a photo of the girl even half-wasted, and we say it's about time to change that. What else is the point of being young if not for the quick hangover recovery?

Buy herself something nice Sometimes on my birthday I might treat myself to a manicure and a pedicure (splurge!). If Taylor is looking for a little birthday pick-me-up, we think she should buy herself a new house. Just some modest retail therapy, NBD.

Gaze longingly at her trophy case Birthdays are always a nice time to reflect on the past year and contemplate your goals for the year ahead. For Taylor Swift, this probably means adding on an extra room to her house because all of her awards (Grammys, AMAs, CMAs and VMAs among them) are really starting to make it claustrophobic in there.

Take to Twitter to reveal what really happened between her and Jake Gyllenhaal I just really want to know.