December 11, 2012


Jason Mraz Live at Madison Square Garden: By the Numbers

Dave Kotinsky
Dave Kotinsky

How does Jason Mraz open up his first headlining show at the legendary Madison Square Garden? The way a man who got his start performing in San Diego coffee houses would: "What's up, dudes?"

And so the singer-songwriter eased into a beautiful two-hour set last night, just like he said he would, completely engaging his audience with his heartwarming songs that had them smiling from ear-to-ear. 

Wearing a fedora with his pony-tail tucked in, Mraz was apparently very comfortable on that MSG stage (perhaps his recent performance at Z100's Jingle Ball helped). He even paraded around barefoot--that's how chill this dude is!

Check out photos from Jason Mraz's MSG show

The Virginia-native and his band sported neon stripes on their cheeks and arms as if they were some peace tribe, and they definitely brought the good vibes on favorite sing-along numbers like "I’m Yours" and "93 Million Miles."

Other highlights of this enchanting evening included a duet with Colbie Caillat on "Lucky," and covers of the Beatles' "In My Life" and Bob Marley's "Everything's Gonna Be Alright."

Here's the complete breakdown by the numbers.

Start time:
8:38 p.m.

Number of times Jason Mraz sang solo/acoustic: 11

Number of horn solos: 5

Number of harmonica solo: 1

Number of times Mraz directed the audience to do something: 6

Number of times people did “the wave”: 3

Number of times people clapped along: 10

Number of group hugs: 1 (in our seat section, anyway)

Number of crowd surfers: 0

Number of times I got the chills: 9

Number of times the audience sang along: 11

Number of people holding signs: 2 (one of them read: "I want to be your lover" and Mraz sang it out loud)

Number of times the girl behind me yelled in a piercing scream: 18

Number of times Mraz said/sang the word "love": countless

End show: 10:40 p.m.

... and here's the set-list! 

Everything Is Sound
Don't Wake Me From This Dream
Make It Mine
0% Interest
Frank D. Fixer
You and I Both
Living In The Moment
The Woman I Love
You Totally Did It
I'm Yours
This Is What Our Love Looks Like
I'm Coming Over
In My Life
Song For A Friend
93 Million Miles
I Won't Give Up