December 17, 2012


Rock Rebel Miley Cyrus Performs Rebellious Version of "Rebel Yell" 'Cause She's a Rebel

Christopher Polk
Christopher Polk

In her never-ending quest to make you forget that Hannah Montana ever existed, Miley Cyrus appeared on VH1 Divas last night to perform Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell." Get it? She's a rebel.

Clad in black leather pants and a spiked leather midriff, Cyrus, rebel she is, crowd surfed through the intro before getting all edgy, y'all, grabbing her adult crotch and showcasing her short, blonde hair because that's not how women are supposed to wear it.

In front of a pyro- and steel-cage laden set presumably inspired by Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Cyrus rebelliously ran around the stage, performing acts of rebellion Hannah Montana would never do such as almost nearly but not really kissing one of her dancers.Time to update this list.

Watch Miley Cyrus perform "Rebel Yell"

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