December 11, 2012


Nudity, Seapunks & "Gangnam Style": 2012's 8 Music Video Trends

#1The Year in Music Videos

When we think about all the music videos we watched in 2012, we're a little overwhelmed. Of course we think about Christina Aguilera's "Your Body" video first (wink, wink), which you guys voted as the best video of the year. (Shout out to you, zealous Xtina fans.) But a whole bunch of other important stuff happened on the music video front this year, too. We should talk about it.

It was a weird year—Psy's "Gangnam Style" arrived on YouTube and became the most watched video of all time, Taylor Swift reassured us that our furry fascination is perfectly healthy and "seapunk" was added to your vocabulary. In case you're having trouble remembering everything that happened, take a look back at the eight most random music video trends of 2012 to refresh your memory. 

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