January 11, 2013


20 Best Music Festivals of 2013


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The Digital Age. Surely, more than a few record execs have wept mulling over that phrase. Streaming services and YouTube are taking over. One-hit wonders of past generations have sold more albums than some of today's biggest artists. Yup, the times are a-changing. But you know what's standing firm in the midst of all this piracy bullsh-t? Live music. 

It's irreplaceable in our opinion. Even with your fancy 3D, HD TVs and your thundering surround sound, it doesn't matter. Seeing music live is THE epitome of the music experience. 

And thanks to our culture's evolving tastes, you can go to a festival and experience your favorite playlist in person over the course of a couple days. It's pretty incredible.

But there are hundreds of festivals in the U.S. every year -- how does one possibly choose?! Guys, calm down. We go to festivals all the time, so we've learned a thing or two about their pros and cons and assembled this must-see list (laid out in chronological order). 

They're all known for booking stellar lineups, so we've pulled out some telling details about each festival's atmosphere and vibe. Whether you wanna shake your ass in furry boots, mosh away your high school drams or just chill out with 80,000 new friends on a beautiful summer night, your dream festival awaits you.

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