December 26, 2012


Nicki Minaj Booed By Own Fans at Hot 97 Event

Sometime in the future, some enterprising young journalist will write a book on Nicki Minaj's frienemy feud with New York radio station Hot 97 in 2012, which (hopefully) ended last night with Minaj's controversial appearance at the radio station's annual Christmas Extravaganza. 

A quick refresher: In June, Minaj backed out of the radio station's Summer Jam after DJ Peter Rosenberg called her song "Starships" "Bullsh-t." Then she scrapped it up with radio stalwart Funkmaster Flex on his radio show the next day. The feud seemed to peter out until this month, when Minaj asked the radio station not to play her music anymore (they refused). Last night, Minaj appeared at the station's Christmas event and was, by multiple accounts, booed by her own fans.

Freelance photographer Ryan Muir noted the growing frustration:

Nicki was finally coerced to the stage after a series of boos. seemed to be publicly arguing that there was no performance scheduled...
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she ended her "hosting duties" by pulling out a stack of 100s and handed a few out to the twerkinggirls, tossing the rest onto stage
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while she did greet about a dozen fans from the front of the barrier, there were more than several women crying outside the venue
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And this would be a good time to note the difference between "Appearance fee" and "Performance fee." Those expecting Minaj to put on a full set were probably some of the same ones crying and booing, while those hoping for a Christmas glance at the Harajuku Barbie in VIP having more fun than them were presumably satisfied.

Minaj and Hot 97 have become the couple that should've broken up long ago, but stay together for the cheap rent deal on that great apartment. At some point, you just have to start seeing other people, guys.