December 13, 2012


Police Uncover Justin Bieber Castration and Murder Plot

Chris McKay
Chris McKay

Holy crap! For a second there we could have almost lost the Prince of Pop...and in more ways than one. Two would-be hit men from New Mexico were discovered to have plotted a plan to castrate and murder Justin Bieber, Billboard reports.

Police say the man who organized the plot is Dana Martin, in jail serving two life sentences for the 2000 murder and rape of a 15-year-old girl in Vermont at Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility. Martin apparently is a huge Bieber fan. Proof: he has a Biebs tattoo on his leg!

Martin recruited Mark Staake, a convicted felon, who was scheduled to be released from jail to execute the plan on his behalf. Staake then got his nephew Tanner Ruane in on the scheme.

The murder plot, which also included the murder of the teen pop star’s bodyguard, was supposed to go down while he performed at a recent Madison Square Garden concert, though reports don't specify which show (perhaps the Jingle Ball?).

Aside from the castration, Martin gave specific orders to strangle Bieber using a paisley tie.

Even though Martin was the one that “ordered” Bieber’s murder, it was he who tipped off police to the plan. Guess he really is a fan...sort of.