December 1, 2012


Radiohead & Fans Create Concert DVD for Charity

Samir Hussein
Samir Hussein

Radiohead fans have teamed up with the band to release a high-quality DVD of an entire concert, utilizing as many different camera angles as possible, Rolling Stone reports.

Fans on the Radiohead site RadioHub, which hosts countless Radiohead concerts in super high-quality sound, decided to combine footage that fans shot from night two at New York's Roseland Ballroom in September 2011. Inez, a Radiohead fan who oversaw the project (and declined to give her last name) said that the second night of their two-day stint at Roseland had better footage because security had eased up.

Another Radiohead fan, who goes by the online handle Murmurs, gathered all the raw footage from 11 fans and worked on it for more than a year.

“I found the person's footage that had the most complete source, and then synchronized that with the fan audio that was provided. Then I took all of the other sources and then laid them in a timeline over the original source. Then I went through and watched each second of each track hundreds and hundreds of times to determine what was the best footage. It was an absolute pain in the ass,” Murmurs tells Rolling Stone.

As the DVD came to completion the audio wasn't the best quality so Inez then reached out the band’s management firm wherein the band agreed to provide the soundboard from the Roseland show.

"Radiohead isn't like any other band," Inez says. "They are really open to a grassroots approach."

The band have worked with fans before in the condition that nobody made a profit. The fan-shot video of Radiohead's 2010 benefit for earthquake victims in Haiti raised over $23,000.

The Roseland concert can be downloaded here and all donations will go to the Haiti Earthquake Fund, the Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders.