December 19, 2012


Rihanna is Single Again! Here Are 10 Boyfriend (and Girlfriend) Suggestions


After a short-lived, maybe-on-again fling with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, Rihanna (kinda sorta) announced via Instagram that she's single... again. And we can't be the only ones thinking this a step in the right direction, especially after Chris' latest feud with his fans—he told the "super obese" ones to "get that fat a-- on a treadmill."

So it's on to greener pastures, Ri. And we've lovingly selected 10 dudes (well, eight dudes and two ladies) that we think you could date and be totally happy with. Up first, Drake! Is it just us, or do the former flames still kinda secretly love each other? Maybe it was just their "Take Care" video that convinced us, but that chemistry seems too authentic to be phony. 

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