December 11, 2012


Eminem & Skylar Grey Raise Hell in a Trailer Park for "C'mon Let Me Ride"

After Skylar Grey threw Eminem a mega-hit with her co-written jam "Love the Way You Lie," the least Shady could do was stop by a trailer park for her "C'mon Let Me Ride" video. The result is more promising than any pitch could ever make it sound. Grey wears a foxtail, fries a swimsuit queen in a tanning bed and performs chainsaw surgery. Eminem rides a bike, hops around like a kid and puts a face to his silly little riff on Queen's "Bicycle Race." The track comes from Don't Look Down, Grey's forthcoming album. Also, it just really, really admires bicycles.

As a bonus, check out Fuse's behind-the-scenes clip, including an interview with Ms. Grey herself!