December 4, 2012


Snoop Lion Drops Another Reggae Track, "Here Comes the King"

Now it's starting to make sense. While Snoop Dogg's metamorphosis to reggae star Snoop Lion was kind of a head-scratcher at first, getting our hands on a track like "Here Comes the King" brings the project into sharper focus. Per the title, Snoop hasn't ditched any of hip-hop's hallmark braggadocio, and there's even some rapping flow in the middle. The production style is rooted in traditional reggae, with added bursts of 2012 vitality from Major Lazer, who executive produced the album.

Angela Hunte, one of the original co-writers for "Empire State of Mind," contributes a hook about warring with an army of haters — definitely something Snoop can relate to in this time of transition — and the track comes armed with another call to arms: "One king, one faith, one religion, and if you hear me, come and join the revolution."

Snoop Lion's Reincarnated is currently set for release in February 2013, alongside a documentary. "If I just drop this music, it leaves room for questioning," he told Billboard in October. "You wouldn’t understand the whole journey or the transformation. When I allow you to see the movie, to go on the journey with me, to see exactly why I'm the lion, why the music changed — [you'll] have a full understanding."

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