December 6, 2012


Taylor Swift + Harry Styles: 5 Possible Breakup Scenarios

Getty Images, 2
Getty Images, 2

It's not like we're secretly plotting the demise of Taylor Swift's new relationship. It's just that when she officially stepped out with One Direction's Harry Styles (hand-holding = true love), we're pretty sure we're not the only ones who thought, "Hmm, I wonder where this is headed..."

Let's be honest here: Taylor Swift has had her share of boyfriends (and ex-boyfriends). And that's totally fine, no shame in her game, but we can't help but wonder what's going to happen if/when #haylor breaks up. We definitely know there will be a song about it on her next album, but what about the other side effects? Let's explore.

One Direction break up! We're not going to mention the Y-word ("Yoko Ono") because we're sure the entire Twittersphere will handle that for us if and when this tragic event were to happen.

Swift pens a song called "Dear Harry," a la Speak Now’s “Dear John” The song is rife with juicy details of their torrid love affair. Harry Styles boldly admits to Rolling Stone eight months after its release, “I never listened to it.”

Swift goes through her inevitable Christina-Aguilera-“Dirrty” phase Her new single, "I Hope You Die Slowly and Painfully," featuring a daisy dukes-clad Swift in its raunchy video, receives mixed reviews from critics.

A Twitter war The always respectful Taylor completely loses her sh-t when Harry is spotted out with a new girl just weeks after their split. Harry and Taylor go back and forth Rob Kardashian-and-Rita Ora style, forcing Twitter to shut down for nine hours. The incident gets its own Wikipedia page.

Nothing Taylor Swift tries a new tactic: not writing about any boys in her songs. Instead, her new album, #1812, is a concept album about the War of 1812. It earns her three Grammy nods.