December 4, 2012


Taylor Swift Hangs With Harry Styles After Being Honored By The Kennedys

Getty Images, 3
Getty Images, 3

Just months after she (likely) broke their relative's heart, Taylor Swift is still in the Kennedy family's good graces. (How does she do it?) The "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" singer was presented with the Ripple of Hope Award from the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights last night, just hours before late-night karaoke with her current BF, One Direction's Harry Styles. Maneater!

It was rumored that Taylor and 18-year-old Conor Kennedy were an item this summer, and by "rumored" I mean "photographed holding hands on the beach together." Their time passed (as it always does with Taylor), but the breakup couldn't have been that bad if she's still getting awards from Conor's family. When's the last time your ex's family invited you over to praise your "commitment to social change"? Exactly. She's a bad b-tch.