December 10, 2012


Thug Immortal: Tupac & James Brown on 'Django Unchained' Track

Getty Images, 2
Getty Images, 2

As thrilling as Quentin Tarantino's movies are, their soundtracks are some next-level sh-t. (Don't tell us you're not still spinning the albums for Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill.) Django Unchained's soundtrack looks equally badass, and now we've got our hands on one of the sure-to-be coolest songs, "Unchained," a deft mash-up of James Brown’s 1973 funk hit "The Payback"and Tupac's posthumous track "Untouchable." The result is a massive tune impossible not to get pumped up by. As a bonus, it was mixed by Tupac's engineer, Claudio Cueni. Take a listen below—think Holo-Tupac would approve?

Django Unchained will also feature an original Rick Ross track partially written by star Jamie Foxx, a new John Legend song and a whole bunch more.