December 21, 2012


Willy Moon Talks Jack White Collabo, New Album

Take the name Willy Moon and lodge it in your head because if 2012 is any indication, you'll probably be hearing a lot of it in 2013. The New Zealand-bred, London-based pop singer-songwriter is on the rise, and fast, despite having not one full-length album under his skinny, 1950s vintage belt. He just released a new single, the Apple iPod TV commerical jam "Yeah Yeah," which is a prime example of Moon's stylized vintage-pop sound—a sound that turned on Jack White, who recently tapped Moon to open his UK tour and for a Third Man Records single.

The single "Railroad Track" was released back in August, and Moon is now looking ahead to the release of his debut full-length in spring 2013. "It's my fantasy of a record," he says. "It's my frankenstein of music." To hear about Moon's collabo with Jack White, check out the video above. And for all the deets on Moon's upcoming debut, like his songwriting style and influences Buddy Holly and Bo Diddley, watch the clip below.