December 14, 2012


My Worst Xmas Gift Ever: Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan

Amanda Edwards
Amanda Edwards

We'd love to think that every gift we give for the holidays is a sweet, thoughtful gesture that the recipient will cherish forever. This is usually crap. Sometimes, your gift sucks and our favorite musicians are not immune to crappy presents. After Andrew W.K.'s fruit basket fiasco and Wiz Khalifa's sartorial mishap, Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan tells us about "My Worst Christmas Gift Ever."

When we were little, I got it in my head that my brother and I were going to exchange Christmas presents, even though he wasn't interested. I was seven and he was five. I let him know, "I'm going to buy you a Christmas present," which of course meant he was going to buy me one. So I bought him a 7" of the Monkees' theme song. I wanted the record, so I bought it for him knowing I'd get to play it. He bought me one of those trolls where you take a pencil [rubs hands together] and the guy's hair [sprouts up]. That's what he got me. I was very upset. I refused to accept this present and I kept the Monkees record for myself.