January 22, 2013


50 Cent Cosigns PaRappa the Rapper on 'Robot Chicken'

In what is undoubtedly the most unexpected hip hop comeback since Missy Elliott debuted two tracks last year, PaRappa the Rapper is back in the game.

Not familiar with PaRappa? Well, the MC is the animated rapping dog from the '90s PlayStation game PaRappa the Rapper, which allowed gamers to learn "Kung Fu" and "rhyme skills" from a man with an onion for a head. Now, 17 years after his 2D debut, all that hard work has paid off. PaRappa appeared on the latest episode of Adult Swim's Robot Chicken and earned a cosign from G-Unit boss 50 Cent

I don't want to ruin the sketch, but PaRappa's war of words is the funniest rap battle I've seen since… well, probably since Robot Chicken made Luke Skywalker throw down on the Emperor.

Watch it above and stick around 'til the end for Fif's final one-liner.