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7 Diva Moments: Mariah Carey's Iciest Quotes from 'American Idol' Premiere

“Who said I had fun?” The most divalicious things Mimi uttered on the ‘American Idol’ season premiere

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'Idol' Premiere: The Prequel to an Already Legendary Feud

If all the fuss about the Mariah Carey/Nicki Minaj feud left you thinking the American Idol season 12 premiere would be full of batsh-t Nicki Minaj moments, you were wrong. Always the Alpha Diva, Mariah Carey easily stole the show with her scathing offhand comments, frigid glares and even (for God knows what reason) an impromptu quiz about Mean Girls. So without further ado, here are Mariah’s 7 Most Divalicious Moments from the American Idol premiere.

AMERICAN IDOL: (L-R) Judges Randy Jackson and Mariah Carey, host Ryan Seacrest and judges Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban on Seas
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Class Is In Session

"I didn’t go to no music school. I went to the school of f-cking life."

- Mariah to her fellow judges after a girl from Berklee College of Music auditioned. Naturally, she spoke it loud enough that the exiting contestant might still hear it.

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Fashion Feud

"We can have accessories? If I would have known that I would've brought my dog. Alright, that’s the last thing I’m going to say."

- Mariah commenting on Nicki's fur-covered hat

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'Means Girls' Pop Quiz

Mariah: It’s a quote from Mean Girls. If you knew Mean Girls, you’d know it.

Nicki: I know Mean Girls.

Mariah: Then who said, "I wanna lose three pounds." Which character, what’s her name?

Nicki: You know something....

Mariah: What? I just want to know.

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Shutting Contestants Down

Wildly Unqualified Singer: People want a character.

Mariah: You mean like a superhero?

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Taking the Higher Road

"If she called me something that begins with a 'B' and ends in an 'itch', I rebuke it."

- Mariah speaking to everyone and no one in particular after Nicki called her a "bitch" between clenched teeth

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Alternative Career Consultation

"Have you ever considered being a DJ? You can still deal with music but you don’t necessarily have to be a singer."

- Mariah's version of letting someone down easy

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Don't Tell Mariah She Had a Good Time

"Who said I had fun? I had a little fun."

- Mariah's assessment of her first day on the job after Randy Jackson rhetorically asked, "Well, that was fun, wasn't it?"

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