January 10, 2013


Is Adele Performing at the Golden Globes?

Jeff Vespa
Jeff Vespa

First it was whispers about Adele performing at the Oscars, now we've got a confirmation that the "Rumor Has It" singer will be in attendance at the Golden Globes. According to the Daily Mail, the show's executive producer has confirmed Adele will be at the award show... but he didn't say anything about a performance.

Adele's James Bond theme song, "Skyfall," is nominated for Best Original Song. If the singer does in fact show, it'll be her first public appearance since giving birth to her son in October. Adele's spokesperson said about the appearance, "We are not releasing a statement at this time. No comment." But we're just going to take that to mean, "She'll be there and she might perform, but I can't tell you that yet."

The Golden Globes air this Sunday, January 13, at 8pm on NBC.