January 11, 2013


Amy Winehouse's Tragic Death Just Got More Tragic

Neil Mockford
Neil Mockford

Good fodder, I guess, for the eventual biopic of her life, but Amy Winehouse's already-tragic death just got worse, as a recent coroner's inquest revealed that the singer watched YouTube clips of both herself and an ex-boyfriend after a vodka binge on the night of her July 2011 death.

According to The Daily Mail, Winehouse's security guard Andrew Morris told St. Pancras Coroners Court that the singer was "her usual, bubbly self" on the night of her death, watching television and listening to music. After leaving the singer at 2:30 am, Morris assumed she was sleeping the next day before calling emergency services later that afternoon.

Winehouse's doctor also noted at the inquest that Winehouse had no death wish. "In the course of the last consultation, Amy did not appear to be depressed at any stage," she said. "She specifically said she did not want to die."

Last month, London officials opened up a second inquest on the singer's death after the first coroner's qualifications came into question. The second coroner upheld the initial verdict of "death by misadventure."