January 3, 2013


Angel Haze Beefs With Azealia Banks, Drops Brutal Diss Track

Wonder what burgeoning rap empresses Azealia Banks and Angel Haze have been up to all day? BEEFING. SO HARD. (On Twitter, naturally.)

Before the uppercut of a diss track (above, along with the Azealia/Angel text message cover art) landed, the Bad Vibe Flood of 2013 started when Banks recommended no rappers try claiming New York City lest they were born and raised there ("YOU ARE NOT A NEW YORKER"). Haze, who is from Detroit and has done things resembling claiming New York, took offense. From there it became many things—brutal and boring, catty and called for—but mostly it was never-ending. The two lashed out for hours, with fans tweeting amusement and horror in equal parts.

Now it's come to a head with "On the Edge," a Notorious B.I.G.-sampling diss track Haze says she recorded in less than a half-hour. "Here's what 20 minutes in the studio gets you," Haze tweeted at Banks, following up earlier jabs that Banks' debut LP is taking forever. "Anyway back to working on my debut album. ttyl *kisses*"

"On the Edge" gets super personal, alleging that Haze and Banks have been texting and generally palling for a while. There's an encyclopedia's worth of more beef to parse through—points to score, merits to weigh—but it kind of all comes down to this track at the moment. As Haze said, "Any response that is not in the form of a song is null and void." Let's see if Banks comes back hard or if she just keeps advising everyone to spin "BBD" again.