January 4, 2013


Azealia Banks Responds to Angel Haze Diss on "No Problems"

Joe Scarnici
Joe Scarnici

UPDATE: Angel Haze dropped a second Azealia Banks diss track hours after Azealia's response to Angel's first volley hit the web. Listen to it over here

After hours of back-and-forth Twitter bickering yesterday (Twickering?) between Azealia Banks and Angel Haze—a feud that culminated in a vicious diss track from Haze—Banks has finally fired back with a new track.

Instead of opting for Haze's take-no-prisoners, burn-every-bridge-imaginable approach, Banks is playing it cool on her response song. "No Problems" only indirectly comments on the feud: "I def used that energy to write a fly new jam tho," Banks tweeted. "It's not even really a diss anymore." 

Given this song's intricate (and sick) production, it's likely "No Problems" was in the works long before their Tweet beef started. Haze, on the other hand, recorded her diss track in just 20 minutes yesterday... although AB is disputing that claim. "Diplo just calls me and tells me she wrote that track months ago," Banks tweeted. Who to believe!? Ahhhh!

The only thing we can say for certain is this: Expect another slam jam from Haze sometime today. "Give me thirty minutes. I'll record this sh-t on garage band," Haze tweeted, promising a response-to-the-response track before the end of the day. "Not worth studio time."

Although part of me wishes they'd just call this ambiguous feud off—there's room enough for two iconoclastic young female MCs in the game, after all—I gotta say they're both playing it smart. Azealia Banks was right to respond with a half-diss: She has a rapidly expanding fanbase, a rumored Gaga/Beyonce collabo and more than a year's worth of blog buzz on her side—there's no reason for her not to take the high road. 

For her part, Haze was right to go H.A.M. on her Banks diss. She's only been a known name on the 'Net for a few months now, so starting a Tweet beef is just good publicity. After all, a new track from an up-and-coming MC isn't big news, but a vicious takedown of a 2012 breakout is worth dozens of headlines. 

Just don't be surprised if someone admits this was all a 50 Cent-styled publicity stunt years down the road.