January 25, 2013


Here's Beyonce's Kinda-Sorta Super Bowl Set List

Kevin Mazur
Kevin Mazur

We're a little over a week away from a nationally televised Beyonce concert, known in some circles as "the Super Bowl." After the Beyontroversy that shook the nation—the Marine Corps band claiming that Bey lip-synced the National Anthem at the presidential inauguration—fans have been wondering if Queen B is going to pull the same stunt at her halftime performance. 

Counterpoint: Who cares! As Anderson Cooper said, "This is Beyonce's world and we're just living in it." What really matters is that we finally have an idea what she's going to be performing. 

According to Us Weekly, Bey is set to open her halftime performance with a rendition of her Dangerously In Love hit "Crazy In Love." She'll then be joined midway through her set by Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams for the mini Destiny's Child reunion we've all been waiting for. The trio will perform "Bills, Bills, Bills" and "Survivor" before finishing with their new track "Nuclear."

Something tells us this isn't the entire set list for the performance, as most Super Bowl halftimes offer up some kind of surprise. (Cough, Janet Jackson's nipple, cough.) But my money's on a Bey surprise of a classier caliber—has anyone checked Jay-Z's schedule that day?