January 29, 2013


Everything We Know About Beyonce's Super Bowl Halftime Performance

Kevin Mazur
Kevin Mazur

After Beyonce performed at the presidential inauguration (or moved her lips to the sound of her own voice, whatevs), she quickly jetted off to New Orleans to eat some delicious southern food and get to work practicing for her Super Bowl halftime performance. For those who care about the sports portion of the evening, the San Francisco 49ers will face off against the Baltimore Ravens at the Superdome. But back to the real news!

Few details have leaked about what fans can expect during Beyonce's reported 12-minute set, but we have enough information to make a shortlist of things we definitely know might (or might not) happen during halftime. You're welcome!

The Destiny's Child reunion we've been waiting for is upon us! This one we know for sure. According to Us Weekly, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams will join Bey on stage for a medley of some of DC's greatest hits ("Bills, Bills, Bills" and "Survivor"), and they'll also be performing their new song, "Nuclear." 

There will be dancing. According to all the photos Bey's been posting to her Instagram (see our gallery here), there's gonna be hella dancing on that stage. Dancing in sweatshirts! Dancing in heels! Pointing at your ring finger (a la "Single Ladies")! Start stretching now!

She's not getting paid. Well, not in the traditional sense. The NFL is reportedly paying for the production costs for the performance, which come out to a cool $600,000. But B will have to foot the rest of the bill, which is expected to cost "several hundred thousand dollars more than this." America!

Maybe she'll ref part of the game. At least according to this promo pic. Best. Super Bowl. Ever.

Can Jay-Z join her for a duet? We're just genuinely asking. Please?