January 7, 2013


Black Keys Get to Work on New Album, Tour With Flaming Lips

Aubree Lennon for Fuse
Aubree Lennon for Fuse

It's been 13 months—an eternity in Black Keys time—since the duo released their last album El Camino. After playing what seemed like every major, minor, obscure and imaginary festival on the planet, the guys told British magazine Mojo (via NME) that they'll be hopping back into the studio this week to begin recording their eighth album.

The album will hopefully be done by March and ready for release in late 2013. "The record isn't written yet, we'll do it when we get into the studio," said head Key Dan Auerbach, "This is when we both work best, when we're dying to make an album. All of our records take place in the studio, in that we make stuff up while we're there."

While the band will be taking the summer off, a year will never go by where there's not some sort of touring going on. The group confirmed a series of four shows in April and May with the Flaming Lips in Kansas City, MO (4/28), Pittsburgh (4/30), Atlanta (5/2) and Nashville (5/3), which will hopefully feature the pair doing "Set You Free" in Wayne Coyne's giant ball because, frankly, who wouldn't want to see that?