January 25, 2013


Darkstar Toy With Warped Melodicism on "Amplified Ease"

With a music video full of faces smashed against glass—reminiscent of David Bowie's Lodger album cover and/or every time you get in a car with someone under 10—the first single from Darkstar's second album is a strange direction for the group. Eschewing the glitchy electronica of their debut—i.e., the music that got them attention in the first place—Darkstar veer into Animal Collective territory on this gently warped indie pop song.

Luckily for the British trio, they're quite convincing on this musical about-face. The minimalism-meets-bedroom pop of "Amplified Ease" seems as natural for the outfit as their dubstep debut (no, their first album didn't sound like Skrillex—we're talking the first incarnation of UK dubstep before wub-wub entered the picture). Watch their transformation above and check out News From Nowhere on February 4.